Friday, May 8, 2015

Waves on the phase of water

Think of data flow as waves on water. Water is a unitary phase of matter with the qualities of "water". The qualities of the particular water phase is determined by the totality of qualities in the single bits of data within the phase.
When another particular phase of matter, say a "rock", is phasing /moving onto the water, the data in the rock-phase is input in the water-phase. The response is mutually dependent as the phasing of both to each other is both input and output. The effect/response in water is waves. The waves is the phasing of the water-phase as it phases the rock-data.
The rock-phase response is decreased velocity. The loss of velocity is the rock-phasing water-data.

Bit + Bit = Phase
Phasing is the velocity within and between phases of bits.

Phases phasing phases is Everything.
That is your Original Face

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