Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No master, only puppets

I say: You are a puppet on the strings of reality. The strings of reality are also puppets. You are not an independent agent.
You say: I refuse to be seen as a puppet! If I was, you could pull my strings and have me do whatever you like.
I say: Believe it or not, but I am also a part of reality.
You say: Sure you are, that's why I reallywon't have you pulling any strings on me.
I say: What I mean is that I'm a puppet, exactly like you.
You say: If so, it wouldn't make a difference as long as your "puppeting" around pulls my strings.
I say: Since we're both equally "puppy", we're both being pulled around. Don't you see that?
You say: Ahhh, so that is how the gov's and institutions manipulate us. They have this secret knowledge with which they control the masses. Thanks for telling me.
I say: But they are puppets just like you and me. They are not in control of anything. They just dance around to the strings of reality.
You say: But there must be some kind of governing behind this. Who or what is the Master of Puppets?
I say: Everything is the Master of Puppets.
You say: Then who or what is "everything"?
I say: Everything is everything pushing everything around. It is called kinetic energy. It is in everything.
You say: I don't get it...
I say: You will never "get it" because you already have it. Look for it and you won't see it.
You say: Now you are pushing me around, pulling my strings.
I say: Sorry, but I had to.
You say: But why?
I say: How could I know?

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