Sunday, May 10, 2015

The dark candle forever shines

I am invicible to s/he who see me from the one way
I am invicible for those who see me from the others way
That is: one is wrong, two are wrong
Not one, not two

To see me is to move me
I am forced mass

Without light I am
but massive force
dead to myself

Light is Life
within massive force

Forced Mass Elightened is: 2cmE as Emc2
This is That as That is This
What we are is how we came here
Be-ing as Be-coming

Enlightenment is forced into being by
That as forced into being Enlightenment

Darkness is not an option of light
It is the essence of accidental existence

Explaining poetry is not possible, because poetry is the explanation. Poetry is reality responding to itself, just as scientific prose is. Different birds sings differently, but the song remains the same.
If E=mc2 is truth, the only way to know it correctly is changing the perspective. If E=mc2 is what we have right now, the opposit is how we got it.
God is the one Dice of Three sides: emc/ecm/cme/cem/mec/mce
God is the playing of Three faces, creating One reality
God is the exponential effect of times, the equalizer of the Three.
The energy-quality of = is the 2.
Density is mass is force is energy is velocity is the speed of light
M is E is C, where C is the thing as thing-ing, that moving quality of being, the being as coming.
There is no be-going as we lose nothing. Nothing is not real. That is the law of preservation.
Reality is a safe haven for existence. Once enlightened, it shines forever.
We are that.

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