Sunday, May 3, 2015

Experience, to a conscious friend

If going somewhere, it is of great importance to now exactly your starting point. If you only know where to go, but not where you are, you are bound to wander without any given direction.
So let us begin at where we are right now.
Where we are is always in our experience of being Me-Here-Now.
There is no exception to this rule.
I am always Me
I am always Here
It is always Now

When we eventually arrive to our destination, Me, Here, Now will be This.
This is true already, because how can This be without being true?
I am This
This is Here
This is Now

Me, Here, Now is dividing This One into Those Three.
This is Self
This is Space
This is Time

The same curious relation of One is Three is Three is One appears in many forms. But this will do for now. We will, in time, return to this Whole Tri-unity, pun intended.

Experience is of neural patterns responding to environment.
Environment is everything the central nervous system contacts, that is not cns itself.
The exception is the internal environment of cns as its memories.
Memories of previous experiences, as neural responding to environment, will functionally have similar effect on overall responding as when responding to present context.
Therefore, memory of fearful context will elicit physical fear-response.

Internal speech, as thought, is part of overall experience.
Thoughts are fluent patterns of neural signalling closely related, if not equal to, auditory memory.
As memory of actual speech, own or others, thoughts will elicit physical responding as if an actual speaker was present.

Experience is an amalgam of neural signalling as cns responses to
a) present contex
b) memories
The interaction a-b is mutual so that a conditions b, b conditions a.
That is, a and b will continously respond to each other.

Outside the above, there is no entity, function, physical form or recieving unit that contains, processes or "has" it.
There is no experiencer of this experience.

Experience is an active reflection of reality.
Not reflecting what happens in front of it. No mirror. There is no one there to look at an image.
Not translating what happens. No transformer. There is no one there to interpret a translation.

Experience is the Midas touch of Mind, turning into everything it contacts.
Experience is the mind becoming of what happens and thus what has happened.
Experience is mind waving/signalling in response to reality as it is, as it was.
Waving/signalling is what mind does.
There is no one doing it, as there is no ocean doing its waves.
There is no more finding experience in the physical bodybrain than finding waves in the body of the ocean.
Experience is not within the brain. It is brain experience.
Waves are not on the water. It is water waves.

It is This!
What is "it"?
This is It!
What is "this"?It is This!
Is that it?Not "that", but This!
Is this that and that this???
YES, That Is "This is That's It"!!!

To the last dialogue, subjective mind will respond with confusion, it will almost stall. With "subjective mind" I refer to a mind that is conditioned to reject all of the above.
A subjective mind can only respond to reality as either/or.
A subjective mind will never stop searching for the waves on top of the ocean, never stop looking for itself inside a brain.
A subjective mind cannot see This, only Self, Space and Time.
Assuming a subjective mind responding to this, knowing This is true is not enough. It's conditioned memories of reality will always affect the experience to be of either/or i.e. dualistic.
When/if reconditioned, such distinctions as dualistic as opposed to monistic will all be the same.
Thought will be possible to experience as it is, as echoes of speech.

All of this seems inherently complex and vague, often paradoxical. But trust me, it is only hard to grasp until you crack the code of subjectivity, of the Self-Here-Now-perspective as opposed to the This-perspective. When/if the light goes on, it becomes crystal clear and not complicated at all.

To crack the code, we need to understand exactly how the encoding/conditioning/programming of the subjective perspective is done. Rather, we need to feed subjective mind with a good enough idea of the encoding, so it is not forced to reflexively defend its perspective. The explanation must be based on subjective conditions, or it will be misunderstood completely.

If you do not know Russian, not one statement in Russian will be understood. That is regardless of whether statements are true or false. A million statements will be equally unintelligible.
If you know Russian, one or many statements will be understood. You'll be able to value them as true or false. A million statements are potentially understandable.
Either way, what we are talking about is This. This will change on its own, no matter if we understand it or not. Knowing or not-knowing is not about This, it is within This.
Experience is of This.

Can you stand responding to This without instantly knowing what This is?
I will hopefully be able to help you know this if you do.

This is where we are now
This = Space Self Experiencing Time

Rinse & Repeat x3

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