Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The re-membering of members in memory

Memory is not that separate from awareness. In fact, it is the other end of the same stick.  Perceived now is membered as related to perceived then. Perceived then is thereby re-membered together with the similarity in perceived now.
Back and forth the percepts go.
Membered is remembered and the matrix of units, pairs, classes, concepts and most of all, their relations grows continously.
More input when awake and perceptive.
More remembering and internal affairs when less awake. But both are active 24/7.
This means storing and recall of memory flows more or less constantly, as modes or instances of one single function.

We perceive as we know
We know as we perceive
Knowledge of the present is based on the past. Re-membering the past is based on the present.

Is this possible to understand?
Ask me how,  why or what.
I know that.

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