Monday, May 4, 2015

Backward knowledge is nothing new

If I give you: 124
You cannot be sure about what 124 "means".
If you immediately forget 124, and I give you 816, you do not understand it.
So 124 is gone and 816 makes no sense.
If you forget 816 also, no further info will help you. In spite of novel "correct " input, you will still know nothing.
But if you remember 124 when getting 816, then you have 124816. Given some time to member and re-member  the units will form a pattern. You will understand this input without further input complementing it.
1 step forward is on 2
2 steps forward is on 4
4 steps forward is on 8
8 steps forward is on 16
For knowing to form,  mind only needs enough new input to form a pattern based on previous input. When pattern form, we "know". When we "know", this pattern of knowing is very robust. It provides us with a sense of knowing what happens as it happens.

To mind there is no novel input. There is just experience of similar patterns.

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