Thursday, January 7, 2016

The origin of the universe will grow upon us

If you search the internet for answers to the question - how did the universe begin, you will end up with a myriad of answers. Many will be contradicting each other. I have always found it strange that so many brilliant thinkers, having worked the problem for so many years, are still far from telling us a coherent and believable story. As soon as one prominent professor suggests an answer, two of his/her peers disagree, and everyone can back up arguments with scientific data. Everyone seems to be just as right and wrong.

That leads me to the conclusion that all theories probably share a common flaw. Imagine a building with a slightly skewed foundation. Everything you add upon it will have this basic skewedness, no matter what you build or how you decorate it, as long as it rests on a fundamental flaw it will be flawed. It’s not that you cannot utilize the rooms built, or that they are flawed in and of themselves. They may be fully functional and “correct”, while some are more pleasant than others, some are in disarray while other are tidy. No matter how different, they will all share a common property - there is something wrong with them. Any part of the building you visit, there is a slight lack of stability. It’s very weird because all rooms seem to be ok, and yet, something is wrong. Thing is, to discover what’s wrong, you must leave the building and look at it from the outside. You must abandon the comfort of staying inside, in your favorite room, trying to find the answer from inside.

That’s the way I picture theories of the universe, and physics in general. They are rooms in our tower of knowledge, and they are all a few degrees from being straight. That is why the professor who discovers a new room immediately is pushed out of balance, and is shown to be skewed, just as all the other roomies. So what is the fundamental flaw that makes a stable Theory of Everything seemingly impossible to build?

I suggest it is failing to recognize that the universe grows. What we believe to be expansion of a finite amount of energy might in reality be energy in increasing amounts. I suggest the universe grows in and by itself, and that this growth is the effect caused by force interaction. You might say this is a extraordinary stupid idea since not one single scientist would agree with a self generating universe. Everyone knows that energy and momentum are conserved at best, and no way is there anything supporting the idea that energy and momentum are globally increasing properties of the universe. Fair enough, I say that is good news for my idea.

If all existing theories indeed share a common flaw, it has to be found in a very basic premise made by all of them. Whatever this failed assumption turns out to be, if you find it and put it on the table, all of todays experts must dismiss it as irrelevant, foolish and flat out wrong. They must also have a wealth of well established arguments to back up their position. If not, there would probably be a ToE out there already. Whatever the share flaw is, it prevents them all from getting it straight.

Now, proposing energy to be continuously generated as to globally increase is very much a statement about universal fundamentals. It doesn’t get more basic that that. And since it violates some of the more well established truths in science, it is naturally rejected or ignored by everyone working the problem. Therefore, it might possibly be true. Being refuted and ignored is no guarantee for a statement to be correct, but neither does it prove the statement to be false. All I’m doing is to create some space for creativity to play in. To reach higher, we must get rid of whatever is holding us down.
We do not need more time to crack this. We need to realize "more time" is the answer. 
When it comes to explaining the origin of our universe, the initial state of affairs pre Big Bang, I doubt we’re making any significant progress.  I think we’re going sideways. Or rather, we’re building more stories upon a skewed foundation, and the higher we build the more off target we end up.

I believe the universe to be way simpler than usually expected. I’m pretty sure that whatever principle is guiding the process, it can be observed right here and now. If there is such a chief principle, it must be observable everywhere and all the time. There cannot be a local exception to such a universal law, so no matter how far or close you look, it has to manifest right there, right here. And what will appear an exception or anamoly will, when zooming in/out, fit perfectly in the overall process. 

Wherever and wherever I look, all I see is growth. I see energy grow into particular forms, and then they deform to energy which then reforms. All I see is generation of reality, but never degeneration. I see creation, but I have never seen a creator. I have never seen neither time, nor space. All my observations are of energetic forms changing internally and in relation to other forms. You will object that "growth" is just displacement as energy flows and charges. I say the flow is contraction in time and expansion in space. I say it is particle and wave doing the inside job of creation. I say we will never see that because it is concealed inside the discrete quanta of reality. I say that this is the qualia of quamta, to create energy. And then, we are that, and that is all we can ever experience. Experience/consciousness is of that. 

Assuming force interaction generates surplus energy for global growth, the Theory of Everything seems less mysterious and far fetched. Let the universe grow and most of the quantum weirdness of reality dissolves.

The quantum of action is a seed.  It grows time and space by generating new energy. Celebrate the leap year as the manifestation of increased time, increased frequency of energy emission.

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