Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Running a singularity

I run/walk a lot, so I know energy produced by contraction and expansion when our bodies move greatly exceeds what comes out as actual movement or "work". 
The surplus radiates as heat and is usually seen as a "waste" of work done. But in the bigger picture, nothing is a waste. All heat you sweat out, expire is cared for in the universal well of energy. 
We get hot running only because energy generation by an objects internal dynamics is so extremely efficient. I fear that if less of this dynamic output came as heat, we would probably burn out from within. 
Can you understand how this is relevant when we look at a singularity? 
Can you imagine how it is forced to emission of kinetic energy not to be fumed by internal heat?
To know why jumps in energy levels are a neccesity for the atom, perhaps you must convert to crackpottery?

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