Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Leap year – a big leap for mind

So why do we consistently add time to our calendars and clocks? As with everything real, this is a one way deal where nothing is lost, nothing subtracted. When looking for an answer, all I get is references to earths rotation and orbit around the sun and what affects that. I kind of get that, but a questionable mind wants to know why all the variables consistently end up producing more time. There’s nothing random or unpredictable about this, but a persistent and reliable pattern of time addition based on observable physical facts.
Finding no answer to my question why, I’ll provide my own answer. Having a simple Theory of Everything helps a lot, and luckily for me – I have just that!

ToE basics: Reality is the energy caused by interaction of forces contraction and expansion. Forces are within quantum systems of wave/particle duality where wavelength is wave quality and frequency is particle quality. Wave quality is expanding/radiation and thus space. Particle quality is contracting/gravity and thus time. In a quantum system of wave/particle there is energy produced for the formation (contraction) and distribution (radiation) of mass. The ”inflation” and increased ”complexity” of the universe is actually universal growth. The growth factor is within the energy surplus produced in force interactions. As energy increases, time and space follows naturally.
Ergo, time and space are caused by energy, and energy is caused by force. The ultimate cause as being pure force cannot be measured in itself. Measurement can only be of and by effected energy.

Now, the continous addition of time is caused by the continous addition of surplus energy from force interaction in the universal system as a whole. Increased time indicates an increase of universal frequency, and frequency is from rate of energy emission. As energy increases, in time, space will of course seem to expand, as if inflated. But there is no space apart from the increasing amount of energy. Universe does not expand/grow ”within” space, but space expands in time with energy.

The specifics of the forced generation of energy/mass are beyond me, but I guess they will be confirmed somewhere in the works of Szilard, Casimir and van der Waal, and the study of energy as in-formation changing by principles of least action.

Happy New Years

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