Thursday, October 1, 2015

Frankly speaking

Todays feeble attempt at enforcing some light on physics was a note to Frank Wilczek. The reason he was spammed was just that there was a contact form on his site. Perhaps he will read my "whatever it is" before deleting? Probably it is in the virtual bin at "I need someone...", but I thought that plea for falsification was better than begging for confirmation. I dunno, maybe I should really make an effort to forget about the whole thing and go back to Spotify and a cool beer...

Dear Frank, I need someone to falsify my ideas asap, but where is that guy/gal? However I try to express them, out comes everything that is not what I mean i.e. rambling rants and crackpottery. Where can I find someone who, just to have a good laugh, would take a brief look at my wierd world? I am completely alone and it is not that fun. Trust me, I really want to be convincingly outargued so I can kill this pet theory, because it is growing into a monster. Very poetic, very "take your med's bro"-ish, I know that all too well.

I don't have the right words, I can hardly do math and therefore it comes out like:

- Wave/particle duality can be expressed as alpha stable distubution, where light appears at the crest, when p on one side and w on the other have reached max system energy and thus collapse.

- Force is angular and orbital momentum, and these two make up the duality.

- You can only measure one side (p or w) of the dual system, but the other is there until the point of measure.

- Measuring one momentum will freeze it, so naturally the other half of the interactive system goes invisible.

- Freezing orbital momentum makes angular disappear as wave. Freezing angular makes orbital a little black hole.

- When this happens, energy is gone but force conserved (as always).

- With energy gone, no wave-ness is there to make detection possible.

- Energy is caused by the above interaction between a/o momentum, and thus a variable dependent on rate/magnitude of force interaction.

- Orbital spin/momentum causes time.

- Angular spin/momentum causes space.

- etc

I won't elaborate on how I have come to these, perhaps, useful ideas. It's a zen thing. But ultimately, if I'm correct, the universe has a very bright future indeed. Evolution is geared towards wave collapses as a means for generating energy -> mass -> complexity and obviously, more force interaction. There's a guy at MIT, J. England, that is close to connecting the physic dot with the bio dot.

As for me, my network of particle dots and wave connections have me tangled up so much I'd rather be untangled and go back to "normal". I'd like someone to put the above into the existing equations and accepted frameworks. I don't think anything new has to be calculated, because I've invented nothing. I just realized that everything is indeed a matter of enforced energy, including human consciousness.

Please kill my pet.

Sorry for the rant ;)

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