Monday, October 5, 2015

Circles within a circle

This is one simple way in which to imagine the microscopic quantum perspective. Every single quantum state is both particle and wave, but they will display which depending on current context of states. Here, some are particular as to form a circle structure. If we were to measure them, we would find there is wave-nature in these particles. If we measure the wave states that are not circle, we would find particles there. All quantum states are both particle and wave. It is the ratio P/W that differs between discrete states. 
Note that all we have here is a quantum ocean of frequencies. There is no actual "circle" there, only frequencies propagated through this ocean of single states to finally make up the apperance of circle. That is also a configuration of state frequencies. 
Also note that these states are quantum sized. A grain of salt consists of approx 1.2x10^18 single states, all of both particle and wave quality. 
So you see that having quantum rotation in numerous single states making up the distinct shape of a circle is not a problem. You will never detect the quantum "leaps" between single states. They are simply too small, too many, and will therefore appear as a distinct line/curve. 

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