Monday, September 28, 2015

Force and Energy 101

It’s not easy to figure out cosmos without knowing the nature of force and energy. It seems most people don’t, and that bothers me some. If you confuse force with energy, everything from there will be complicated.

Force is momentum, and momentum have two opposite qualities:
- Contracting (orbital, gravitational, particle)
- Expanding (angular, radiating, wave)
These two are described in Newton’s 3:rd Law as motion and velocity. They are the most fundamental aspect of our physical universe as described in the
conservation of momentum.  

Energy is how force manifests in mass. To create energy, forces must interact as stated in Newton’s 3:rd Law: To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts. Because Newton was not familiar with particle-/wave duality, he didn’t know that the mutual actions on a microscopic level was of orbital and angular momentum. Newton’s “bodies” are equal to the quality of mass which is caused by a pairing of orbital and angular momentum creating a twisted helix, a particle/wave. So particle-ness is caused by orbital momentum, and wave-ness by angular momentum. On a microlevel, they are not mass by themselves, but cause mass when interacting.
When not interacting, orbital momentum is gravity with infinite time, and angular momentum is radiation with zero time. While separate, forces have zero energy so they cannot be empirically observed, only inferred. An example of - almost - separate orbital force is the black hole, or matter/energy if you will. But keep in mind this “energy” is only potential. An example of - almost - separate angular force is the cosmic background radiation, but since we can observe it, there is at least a tiny fraction of orbital momentum there to twist it enough to cause a wave that is not 100% linear. If it was, we wouldn’t pick it up.
It is reasonable to imagine that separated forces, when occurring as in a wave collapse, will immediately be re-paired within the global system of energy.
We now see that mass is a quality of energy that emerges/manifests when orbital momentum increases in relation to angular momentum. That is, when the orbital part of energy contracts the angular, the effect is what we perceive as mass. We might define mass as an intermediate state of energy dependent on dual force dynamics.

Now, all observable energy has per definition both orbital and angular momentum, and therefore amplitude, frequency and such wave qualities. This being the case, we can simplify some equations to make matters clear.
- Energy is always a relation of angular and orbital momentum.
- Angular momentum causes
- Orbital momentum causes time

So E=mc2 means  p2=E

Momentum p is always angular x orbital momentum, thus p2. Poetically put, Energy is space times time. The p2 interaction causes Energy. That’s it! If you want to impress Dalai Lama, you can say “Absolute Reality is One energy of Two forces”, and I’m sure he will smile in delight.
The problem with E=mc2 is the implication the E is primary, and that forces are hidden behind notions of mass and speed of light. What I’m trying to tell you is that
- Forces are primary (p)
- Mass and speed are energetic manifestations of orbital and angular force (2)
- Energy is the effect, caused by forces (=E)

Based on this you might want to look at equations on mass flow and the likes. How it affects understanding on a quantum level is up to others to decide. I only know basics, but being a hard-core physicalist, I’m pretty sure “below” and “above” follows the same principles. Anyone who follows the above lead will instantly start questioning most, if not all of mainstream science. Meditate on this and you will have material for infinite articles. I’m not allowed to write them, lacking the formal credentials, but would love to see someone else doing it.

One of many things to calculate is this one; if p2 = c2, at what relation between orbital/angular momentum is potential energy extracted/emitted/released as kinetic energy? That is, how much angular momentum must orbital momentum absorb in order to emit light/photons?
My guess is that a unique quality of light is a balance of forces so that quasars jets from black holes when the initial orbitality has bent enough angularity to be overpowered.
Note here that, on the micro level, a particle is created when orbital momentum forces angular momentum to bend full circle as to unite “there” with “here”. In this way, angular force is conserved by orbital force. This is what causes black holes to rotate at high speed, and in general what causes all forms of rotation. But I guess that is better explained in a separate post. Today the main thing was to clarify the relation force-energy and how E=mc2 is better understood as p2=E.

For those wondering about positive and negative energy, those two are caused by whether orbital momentum is clockwise or counter clockwise or/and orbital momentum going in opposite direction to angular momentum. I'm not sure about the specifics here, only that momentum is the cause while charge is the effect. How that relates to the arrow of time and the bending of angular linearity into circular linearity will be dealt with some other day.

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