Friday, September 25, 2015

Angular Orbital Momentum/Mass AOM

A few years ago I learned what it is. Since then I've tried to explain it to a few others, but failed miserabely. It's very easy to elaborate too much when pointing to simplicity. This time I will try the short version and see if someone resonates to that simple tune.

Force is angular momentum (AM) or orbital momentum (OM).
When the two come in a pair, there is both angular and orbital momentum (AOM).
AOM form a helix that is forced energy.
Forced energy is either positive, if OM is clockwise, or negative, if OM is counter clockwise.
If the both are equal in force, the AOM will collapse and be discharged. Forces are then released as being free within the system. That is the wave collapse.
If OM is twice as forceful as AM, the later will be bent and contained by OM.
Time began when the first radiating AM was bent by OM. That is what happened before Planck time so there was no "time" as long as the face of the clock was linear. When bent by OM full circle, time also began. This is why time is rotation.

That is the physics of the One Turn (Uni Verse).

Based on that, the rest comes naturally and that's the full story, and that is to long for a blog post. But I will add that evolution comes from this and our future comes from this, so does all our myths, religious as well as scientific. Force generates energy, energy generates mass, mass generates complexity and complexity is geared towards most efficient ways to generate more energy.
Evolution is a measure of this effiency.
The heat death of the universe is not coming. The future is increasing turnover in generations of energy. Humans are extremely efficient in this. That is why we seem to evolve faster the other forms of energy.

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