Monday, April 13, 2015

Never mind buddhism - Here's the ToE

A Theory of Everything must, to be all inclusive, be able to explain possible arguments against it, and also why such objections are predictible statements based on specified premises. 
That is only possible if the ToE is true to the properties of consciousness. If not, the ToE and its following comments will be arguments about output data of a process (perception, cognition, reasoning, conceptualization) that itself is unknown. 
I suggest it to be of questionable value, discussing statements of unknown origin. 
Restricting ToE to physics won't change this, because physics can only be understood by understanding how consciousness processes input data, or rather, responds to objective reality. 
Without correct understanding of consciousness you simply don't know what's happening, let alone why it happens in this particular way. 
Because it is a particular way. 
The way can be known. 
In fact, it is well known. What we need is a description of it. One that is compatible with contemporary minds. 
Buddha must, yet again, let go of buddhism. 

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