Wednesday, April 1, 2015

As on the cushion, so in the lab

Realizing Self happens when Self suddenly knows the process of Self, when it finally stops looking at its achievements. BOOM! So that is what Self does, it achives. And in an instant, Self knows its very nature, and by that it sees all of its previous achievements from a new perspective. All remains the same, but with a universal twist. In a way, you adjust the skewed fundament of your Self Tower, and every single piece of it is affected and straightend out, stabelized. So is all furniture and all paintings. After that, it becomes much easier to move around inside, and you need no more correcting and adjusting what is "wrong" and skewed. One correction to correct them all. 

This goes for science too. Not that the scientific community would ever question their a priori assumptions of reality, they will not, but it will soon enough hit a wall. Science have an inherent Koan Quality, making all scientific questions leading up to MU! For every answer there ever was and will be, there is inevitably the immediate respons of "Yes, but", and then a new hypothesis (or maybe 42). This is minds at work, doing what minds do i.e. questioning everything it encounters, relentlessly, perpetually. It is all of its function and it will never stop. 

Treading the Path comes from being uncertain and even confused. Humans can somtimes admit being uncertain, albeit reluctantly. Science is a harder nut to crack. It is the manifestation of not accepting uncertainty, of defeating it or die trying. But scientific mind will not be defeated by ignorance, nor will it die. It will at some point slow down, run out of gas, slam all of theory to the floor and scream: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ANYWAY!!! Then it is ready to do some time on the cushion, contemplating, looking closely at itself without asking questions. In time, scientific mind is able to see what Ignorant Mind has seen for over 2000 years. It will see its Self. BOOM!
So that is what science does. Look out for that to happen, because when it does, we're in for one heck of a ride. This time we're not going to Mars. This time we're coming home, and this will be one mother of a homecoming party. 
In one way or many other, we will All Be Here and Now when it happens. 

Soon it's Easter and time for resurrection. It's been done before and will be done again. In fact, it happens everywhere all the time. Just open your eyes and LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING. 
It grows. 
How awesome is that!

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